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Senior Housing)

Providing Assistive Care to Elderly Residents

Queen Elaine Assisted Living Facility, LLC provides dependable personal care services to seniors who value assistance with activities of daily living. These include assistance with medication management, bathing, housekeeping, laundry, and so much more.

For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We serve senior residents in Seminole County, Florida and the Greater Orlando Area.

Why Choose Us?

Cummins Generator on site to cool the entire facility during a power outage.

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  • Supportive, Trained Caregivers
  • Highly Trained On-Site Physician
  • Communication and Ongoing Collaboration With Resident’s MD
  • Three Wholesome and Delicious Meals Plus a Snack
  • Assistance With Medication Management
  • Brain-Boosting Activities
  • Delightful Social Activities
  • Personalized Music Therapy
  • Pet Therapy
  • Birthday and Holiday Celebrations
  • Serene Private and Semi-Private Rooms
  • Laundry and Housekeeping Services
  • Intergenerational Activities
  • Fully Sprinkled Facility
  • Video Monitoring in Common Areas
  • Security System
  • Skilled Behavioral-Mental Health
  • Registered Nurse on Staff

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maximize independence, improve the quality of life, and promote positive mental health. We can achieve these through spirituality and brain-boosting activities using a holistic and therapeutic approach.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide a stylish, peaceful, and beautiful home-like environment while catering and creating an individualized plan for each resident. This will help promote dignity, individuality, and safety through the highest level of care and professionalism.

Lana Watts, RN, BSN


Lana Watts has 25 years of experience in nursing, including Level 1 Trauma and Critical Care from the prestigious UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. She has a specialty in Psychiatric and Behavioral Mental Health Skilled Nursing, as a case manager specializing in geriatrics.

Intergenerational Activities

At Queen Elaine Assisted Living Facility, LLC, all participants (no matter the age) gain something beneficial through our various intergenerational activities. These help individuals across generations to have fun and grow together.

Enjoy the Benefits of Together-Time for Kids and Seniors

There are many engaging activities that seniors and kids may enjoy together—from art workshops designed for creative expression to mind-stimulating games of chess. Engaging in various activities create an afternoon of fun and other numerous benefits.

A Pet’s Advantage on Physical and Mental Health

Pets have been seen to reduce anxiety and agitation, letting your loved ones feel more comfortable and at peace. Residents have also been known to become less vulnerable to heart disease and heart attacks, more engaged and alert, and so much more after spending quality time with those they love most.

Social Activities

Engaging in social activities help counterbalance the stress of work, and lead to happy and fulfilling lives. Social activities are beneficial for seniors in the following ways:

Build and Maintain Relationships

The human brain requires diverse stimulation. As we age, it is important to meet new people, enjoy the benefits of a wide-ranging social network, and build new relationships. These will help stimulate the seniors’ brain and keep those neurons firing, whether it is going to bingo night, joining a book club, or chatting with a home healthcare caregiver or companion.

Keep Learning New Skills

Social activities can be energetic and active, or they can be quiet and calming. No matter their age, there is always an opportunity for seniors to learn something new. They may achieve any goal they set their minds to, build their confidence, and take control of their lives.

Stimulate the Mind

All social activities offer a level of mental stimulation. Whether it’s signing up for a cooking class or playing cards with friends, each activity keeps the brain and body engaged. There are various games and activities that keep the seniors’ brain active.

Stay Connected

Social activities may help seniors stay involved and active in the community. Moreover, being engaged in various social activities may help give them a sense of purpose, whether it’s the routine of having a schedule and a place to be, or the sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching a goal.

Improve Health and Well-Being

According to a 2012 study by Statistics Canada, older individuals who engage in regular social activities have higher self-perception and lower levels of loneliness and life dissatisfaction.

Brain-Boosting Activities

Cognitive activities help keep the seniors’ minds sharp and alert while reducing the risk or delaying the onset of age-related dementia. Their brains need mental exercise to stay active and alive. Mental exercise stimulates the brain and provides long-lasting positive effects when it comes to thinking and reasoning skills, memory, and processing speed. We are here to help residents engage in brain-boosting activities throughout the week.

Music Therapy

Music helps take us back in time and evoke memories and feelings from the past. Simply hearing a tune you love may give comfort and happiness during times of sadness, and can even turn a bad mood around almost instantly.

Music therapy has been proven to help seniors restore and maintain their health, as well as help them reminisce memories and fight depression. Music therapy for seniors helps with:

Cognitive Skills

Music may help seniors process their thoughts and maintain memories. For dementia patients, music from their childhood or young adult years has proven to be effective to obtain a positive response and involvement.

Speech Skills

Music therapy has been proven to help older adults answer questions, speak clearer, and make decisions. It can also help dementia patients slow the deterioration of speech and language skills.

Stress Reduction

Some caregivers have difficulty managing their aging loved one’s stress and agitation. By playing the music they enjoy, seniors may be relaxed and be more at ease. Slow songs like ballads and lullabies may help prepare your loved ones for bed or deal with changes to their routines that may cause agitation.

Physical Skills

Music can motivate seniors to move. With music comes dancing, after all. Music and dancing promote coordination and can help seniors walk. Even if your loved ones are not mobile, music can inspire them to toe tap and clap. These activities will help get their blood flowing once again.

Social Skills

Increased social interaction with caregivers and others is another benefit of music therapy for seniors. It encourages bonding with others, which can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression.

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